Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium screws grown on the tooth jaw to replace the root part of the tooth. Planting is done in the maxillary or lower bone, allowing the replacement of the tooth replacement with the bone. Implant Teeth can be used to replace one or more loose teeth. The teeth to be planted have the same shape and function as the original teeth. They maintain face shape and reduce discomfort due to loose teeth.

Anyone who loses one or more teeth due to accidents, gum problems or having cavities can do dental implants. Occasionally, elderly patients often express their complaints about dental implants. Prior to treatment, the doctor will be able to evaluate the patient’s health history and dental conditions.

Dental implants can reduce discomfort due to the use of dentures. You do not have to shut your mouth when laughing for fear of your fake teeth off. Although dental implant treatment is more expensive than other treatments, it is a good long-term investment because replacement teeth can last a long time. Other treatments such as denture bridges and dentures usually require adjustment and replacement on a regular basis.