Adventure Cove Waterpark: Let’s Get Closer To Them!

Riptide Rocket, the first magnetic water power coaster in Southeast Asia. Where visitors can board a small two-piece rubber boat that will propel them toward a gravitational tug and slide suddenly in just 40 seconds over 225 meters. After reaching the highest point, rubber boats begin to be released downward without following the tracks, only with magnetic power and earth gravity. I had no idea that this would be my most exciting experience during trying to slide in any water pool. The rubber boat moves down at high speed, into a dark, winding tunnel. The light appeared at the end of the tunnel, which turned out to be a descent followed by a sharp incline that drove our boat up again. Then down again, into the dark tunnel again, and up again, before finally descending along the endless spiral tunnel. Curious as to what it feels like to ride this one ride? Quickly book your ticket at singapore attractions ticket wholesaler.

Adventure Cove Waterpark, is an integral part of Marine Life Park Resorts World Sentosa. And if in S.E.A Aquarium – which is the largest aquarium in the world – you will enjoy the charm of water with a dry body, here you will instantly fuss with water. Water parks are designed based on the story of ancient civilizations of marine life has rides that are quite interesting and exciting, such as Riptide Rocket earlier. Not satisfied with Riptide Rocket? There are many other excitements presented by Adventure Cove Waterpark, such as Bluewater Bay, a place where visitors can surf at any time with the upcoming 2.2m wave at every 15-minute interval. Then there’s the Big Bucket Treehouse, where a giant bucket will spill over the visitors who are playing in various games like the cargo-hill climb, the water spray endlessly, to the slide underneath.