Fix Your Roof Immediately

The case of a house leaked due to damaged roof due to rain is very likely. Especially if the rain accompanied by strong winds and there is a collapsed tree that afflicted part of the house. This is beyond expectations. Prevention is to plant trees that are at least 7 meters from the house and make the roof of the house as solid as possible. If the house is damaged by rain, fix it immediately. Roof leakage due to the problem of drains or guttering water is often the case.

Usually, this leak is due to the size of the gutters that do not fit, the connection is tenuous, and the condition of the water gutter that has worn out. For that, you also need to check the condition of water channels periodically. Make sure no parts are damaged, incorrect installation, or blockages that block the flow of water on the gutter. If the drainage needs to be replaced because of worn-out wear, immediately Fix roofs before the leak gets worse.