Most Expensive and Luxurious Yacht

Yacht or Small Cruise Ship is one type of yacht with a medium size. Usually, these boats are rented or even bought by billionaires in the world as a symbolism of the wealth they have. Expensive? It is certainly clear, in fact, most of the price level tailored to the model and facilities owned. For those of you who want to feel the luxury of a yacht, you can visit and rent a yacht for you to enjoy.

Then what about the most expensive and luxurious Yacht in the world that the billionaire prey? Check out the following details.

The first yacht is known as Tropical Island Paradise Themed Mega-Yacht. From the name alone is cool right? With a length of about 91 meters is one of the super luxury yachts. In addition to the swimming pool, Yachts also have homemade bays, helipads, bars and other entertainment facilities. For the price, this Yacht will be pegged according to the facilities requested alias indefinitely and depends on the exact dollar exchange rate.

The second is The Glass Yacht by Lujac Desautel is also made in accordance with the requests and facilities needed. However, this Yacht overwhelmingly composed of glass is more visible as a floating building than a Yacht. Unique, right?

Furthermore, this Yacht is named Infinity by E. Kevin Schopfer. This super luxurious ship also has a length of about 91 meters with an extraordinary luxury facility for 12 passengers and crew.

There is also Island E-Motion this is an eco-friendly superyacht made for billionaires who love nature. Why, inside this Yacht made the park and pool are luxurious as well as fun the gardening billionaire, maybe?

Last but not least there Streets of Monaco Yacht is known as the most expensive and luxurious cruise ship in the world. How not, because inside of this super luxury yacht is there, hotel, go-kart circuit, helipad, cafe, bar, casino. It is a full pack. And for your information, the price of this yacht reaches 1 billion US dollars.